What is USB 3.0?
 USB 3.0 has become the long-awaited successor to USB 2.0 which has been the standard interface in PCs and notebooks for almost a decade. USB was developed in1996 to be a simple, manageable connection between PCs and peripherals. Until then one had to struggle with parallel or serial ports. Success knocked with the launch of USB 2.0, transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps meant one could plug devices into the system via Plug & Play, and owing to its integrated power supply many devices like pen drives, small hard disks or even webcams did not need to have a separate power supply. The only hitch, is that nowadays the maximum of 480 Mbits/s (practically rarely over 300 Mbps) is simply not enough. That is the reason USB 3.0 exists. It promises a tenfold increase in the speed as compared to USB 2.0, which is said to be up to 5 GBps.
Will USB 3.0 stay for a while or will there soon be a successor?
                                    Now USB 3.0 is set to become the new standard interface in electronics as the case was with USB 2.0, and it should endure for a good number of years. However, it is not going to be as easy for USB 3.0 as predicted. Its transfer rate will definitely fall short in coming years, with HD and 3D video becoming common. To top it all even Intel which is the driving force behind all the USB specifications, is competing with it: A new, optical interface with the codename “Light peak” is already expected to hit the market by 2010 and is expected to deliver a data rate of upto 10 GBps.
Can my PC be upgraded?
Those who don’t want to buy a new motherboard right away but still wish to upgrade to USB 3.0 today must buy an add-on controller card. Cards are available only for PCI Express 2.0, however, those who do not have a PCI Express slot in their PC(almost all PCs which were manufactured before 2005) will not be able to upgrade to USB 3.0. But those who even have a new hardware often have only a PCI Express 1.0 interface: Here the cards can be used, but again, the full potential cannot be obtained. The trick: insert the controller card in a 4x, 8x or even a 16x PCI Express graphics card slot. It will use two channels, since the speed of PCIe 2 is exactly double that of PCIe 1.0.       
Is it possible to connect old USB sticks to USB 3.0?
The new super speed interface is absolutely compatible with the older versions. Along with the new speed level Super Speed (5GBps), the old levels Low Speed (up to 1.5 MBps), Full Speed (up to 12 MBps) and High Speed (480 MBps) are compatible without any limitations. This is because the new Type A socket which is generally found on PCs or notebooks will accept the old plugs. However, if the old USB 2.0 devices  are connected to the USB 3.0 port they do not use the maximum possible speed, which is up to ten times higher.
What exactly is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?
                   The speed level “SuperSpeed” allows data transfers up to 5 GBps. To make such high data rates possible the connector pins of the plug are extended: USB 2.0 can manage with four pins whereas USB3.0 requires fi ve more pins. Of course, the cable also has to be changed with it. Two additional wire pairs are needed for USB 3.0 cable than those required in USB 2.0, for individual wires which handle transmission and reception, and a circuit and connections are sheltered. Many USB ports and sockets are extended so that pins can be put in the plug board apart from the generally well-known “Type A”: in this case the additional pins make contact with the rear part of the plug which fi ts in perfectly
Technical Problems:
                              Those of you who are unable to or who don’t wish to shift toUSB 3.0 do not have to give up on the hope of faster data rates than USB 2.0. External SATA (eSATA) is in greater circulation,in PCs as well as in notebooks. The same transfer rates are possible with eSATA as with internal SATA connections. However, almost up to 300 MByte/s in practice and the teething troubles by eSATA like the inability to hot plug are already rectifi ed. However, eSATA is not as good as USB 3.0; the cables are less fl exible and a lot shorter, and there is no USB Hub which would facilitate the connection. The next option is Firewire 800 which is nowhere in the league of eSATA or USB 3.0: more than 120 MByte/s is just not possible, and there is hardly any hardware available at reasonable prices.

A cloud database is a database that typically runs on a cloud computing platform, such as Amazon EC2, GoGrid and Rackspace. There are two common deployment models: users can run databases on the cloud independently, using a virtual machine image, or they can purchase access to a database service, maintained by a cloud database provider. Of the databases available on the cloud, some are SQL-based and some use a NoSQL data model

Data model:

It is also important to differentiate between cloud databases which are relational as opposed to non-relational or NoSQL:
  • SQL database, such as Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, are one type of database which can be run on the cloud (either as a Virtual Machine Image or as a service, depending on the vendor). SQL databases are difficult to scale, meaning they are not natively suited to a cloud  environment, although cloud database services based on SQL are attempting to address this challenge.

  • NoSQL databases, such as Apache Cassandra, CouchDB and MongoDB, are another type of database which can run on the cloud. NoSQL databases are built to service heavy read/write loads and are able scale up and down easily and therefore they are more natively suited to running on the cloud. However, most contemporary applications are built around an SQL data model, so working with NoSQL databases often requires a complete rewrite of application code.


Cloud storage may be cost-efficient for many corporations and small businesses for everyday use, but for the average user of the computer and internet, the costs of cloud storage may outweigh its benefits. As a result users have other alternatives of storage such as:
  • Local wired hard drive
  • Local wireless hard drive
  • External USB hard drive

Comparison of online backup services:

Up to 5PCs, always incremental backups, remote access from the web
Data de-duplication; block-level incremental; Unlimited offering. Home (1-3 computers) or Biz service (1-1000 computers). Client side encryption.
Data de-duplication; block-level incremental
Barracuda Backup Service
Data de-duplication; real-time hybrid onsite/offsite data back-up
BullGuard Backup
5PC/license, fast upload speeds, mobile access, encrypted transfer and storage, password-protected settings, free 24/7 support
Block-level incremental, Home or Pro Editions. iPhone/ Black berry/ Android App available To remotely access data from the online backup (For Pro: Users of the computer which are backed up, Not available for the Administrator of the Pro). Can manually select files to upload that are larger than 4 GB.
Unlimited destinations. Data de-duplication; block-level incremental. Can run server-free, exchanging backup space with friends and family.
High-level encryption, personalized encryption key, shared cloud drive, sync folder functionality
Dolly Drive
Only Cloud Storage that integrates Apple's Time Machine with cloud. Also allows users to Sync files and folders and Archive and clone all from one app plus free seeding.
iPhone/Android app available.
Data de-duplication, delta sync, iPhone/Android/Blackberry app available.
Delta sync, Google Docs sync, user and group management
Auto-transfer from defunct Xdrive.
Fabrik Ultimate 
Backup Block-level incremental backups, Encryption: 128 bits standard, 448 bits optional, limited account of up to 3 GB is free. Acquired by Hitachi. According to their tech support, their offering is a branded version of Memopal.
Mark Cuban acquired minority interest in 2006. Android, iOS, BlackBerry Apps available. Dedicated server options available. CoolBackup software used for Backup/Sync.
[Steek acquired by F-Secure July 2009]
Humyo was acquired by Trend Micro and will become part of Trend Micro SafeSync. Humyo no longer accepts new clients.
IASO Backup
Advanced data reduction technology. Data de-duplication mechanism. High level of scalability and cost effectiveness.
Proprietary license download client. Automatic Selection. Continuous Data Protection."Virtual drive" explorer.
Jungle Disk
Proprietary license download client sample code.
Real-time hybrid onsite / offsite data backup
Cross-user de-duplication, delta sync
Initial seed via a MiMedia-owned external hard drive available (no extra cost, shipping included).
Data de-duplication; block-level incremental. "Mozy Data Shuttle" physical seeding service available for extra fee.
Data de-duplication."Zero Knowledge" encryption.
StoreGrid Cloud  
Byte-level Incremental backup, local backup, Disk Image Backup - BMR and physical seeding.
Google Docs sync, Central Management with Business Console
Ubuntu One
GPL client
Unitrends Vault2Cloud
Data de-duplication; hybrid on- & off-premise data backup; physical seeding
UpdateStar Online Backup
Data de-duplication; block-level incremental
Usenet backup
Is the method of storing backup data on the usenet. 
Windows Live Mesh
replaces windows live sync and windows live folder
Client-side encryption, Wuala doesn't have access to the data.
Zetta Enterprise-grade Online Backup
Supports Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, high speed WAN optimization, SAS 70 certified datacenters
Zmanda Cloud Backup
Available in German and Japanese languages, supports MS SQL Server, MS Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL Database, System State, Oracle
Cloud appears local to filesystem, content streaming, predictive caching, delta sync


Any changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted.
supports detailed history of changes to files with browsing by date or version number
Old versions of files are kept for 30 days. Biz customers choose their retention policy of 30 days to 7 years to forever.
Old versions of files are kept for 30 days.
Keeps old versions for up to three months. It keeps one version for each day of the past week, one version for each of the previous three weeks, and one version for each of the previous two months that the file has been backed up.
Options: All, or staged (daily, then weekly, etc.)
Dolly Drive
No version history kept in free account as of 2012, but discrete files deleted can be undeleted.
Old versions of files are kept for 30 days.
IASO Backup  
All versions of files can be kept for different period of time: starting from 1 month till 1 year or more.
SOS Online Backup
All versions are kept. 0nly the largest counts towards the storage limit.
All versions are kept. All files can be undeleted.
Five versions are kept. Only the most recent counts towards the storage limit.
Ten versions are kept. Only the most recent counts towards the storage limit.
Zetta Enterprise-grade Online Backup
All versions are kept. All files can be undeleted.

 Tools Description of Utilities ­Remote Desktop

Team Viewer:
Team Viewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Along with being free for noncorporate use, it gives users the tools they need to share screens privately, send files with a minimum of hassle, control access rights, and even flip which user has control. When Teamviewer is started on a computer, it creates a partner ID and password (user-defined passwords are also compatiable). To establish a connection from a local client to a remote host machine, the local operator must communicate with the remote operator, request the ID and password, then enter these into the local Team Viewer.

EvilVNC : Evil-VNC is an vnc server injector as it's name it will install secretly an vnc server on remotehost ,and run it automatikly after installation and you will be notified immediatly by server givenu the remote ip and password for connection.Once the server installed It allows a person at a remote computer to assume control of anothercomputer across a network, as if they were sitting in front of the other computer.In other words, sitting at your desk in Baltimore, you could use it to take control of yourmother's PC in London and show her how to install and use some new software package byactually doing it yourself.
Remote Admin:
Radmin (Remote Administrator) is a secure remote control software and remote access software which enables you to work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse.

Remote Administrator Control:
With RAC (Remote Administrator Control) you can work without any limits on a remote computer with operation system Windows,as if working on your local computer. You can conduct remote administration and maintainenance of your computers, offer remote
support and troubleshooting to your users.

Remotely Anywhere Network Console:
Network Console is the perfect tool for system administrators to detect, control and deploy RemotelyAnywhere on computers they support. This application runs on the administrator’s PC and allows them to instantly remote control, access and configure any of the computers on the network that have RemotelyAnywhere or LogMeIn Pro installed.

Ultra VNC:
UltraVNC is a powerful, easy to use and free software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it, right from your current location.

VNC provides remote control software which lets you see and interact with desktop applications across any network. VNC is platform-independent – a VNC viewer on one operating system (os) may connect to a VNC server on the same or any other operating system(os). There are clients and servers for many Graphical User Interface(GUI-based) operating systems and for Java. Multiple clients may connect to a VNC server at the same time. Popular uses for this technology include remote technical support and accessing files on one's work computer from one's home computer, or vice versa. There are a number of variants of VNC which provides their own particular functionality; e.g., some optimized for Microsoft Windows, or offering file transfer (not part of VNC proper), etc. Many are compatible with VNC proper in the sense that a viewer of one flavor can connect with a server of another; others are based on VNC code but not compatible with standard VNC

It is true that in our weaker moments we may feel that we have limitations and that life is only an unending process of abject misery. This negative attitude often plagues us. But when our will-power is well developed we have the courage and conviction to change the direction of such negative impulses. Swamiji told us that in such moments of weakness we should assert our higher self and fight against the evil forces. The constant tug of war between the evil forces of our lower self and the power of our higher self is an exercise in cultivating strength and conviction.

Swamiji once said, "Since death is inevitable, let life go after a noble conquest." We should fight for the conquest of the evil forces which cause despair and despondency, which plague us with negative thoughts. We feel that our limitations hinder us from strengthening our will power. But under such conditions we should keep in mind Swainiji's challenging words, "Have you got the will to surmount the mountain high obstructions? Even if the whole world stands against you, would you still dare to do what is right?"

Before concluding let us recollect that the important point here is shmthlha. There are two fundamental obstacles to the cultivation of will power: exaggerated regret about the past and excessive worrying about the future. We should not worry too much about what the future has in store for us, nor should we regret overmuch the acts we have done in the past. As a poet said,
"Let the dead past bury its dead!
Act, act, in the living present,
Trust no future, however pleasant."

Let us, therefore, act in the living present. The present cannot be properly utilised if we are brooding over the past or anticipating the future with anxiety. To develop will power it is essential that we lead a very alert life, in the living present.

Here we are reminded of a great German mystic, Eckhart who said, "In the heart of this moment is eternity." If you want to enjoy eternal life, if you want to hold communion with the Eternal, then remember that you have to live well and do your best in the present.

Let us avoid living in the past or the future; let us learn to live in the present and make proper use of it. If we can do that, then it will help us immensely to develop will power and bring the right balance into life. In turn this helps overcome all kinds of mental tension. In a word, living in the present is an effective cure for mental troubles.

By adopting a positive attitude to life instead of giving in to despair, and getting rid of a pessimistic approach to life are ways of developing ichha shakti or will power. This is the real secret of success. None can deny the fact that we want success whatever may be our profession or avocation and the way to achieve success is through the strengthening of will-power.

  There are people who are born with sonic inherent gifts or talents; but even such virtuous people may lack this one important quality, that is will power; in such cases all will come to naught and all will be in vain as the person will not be able to put his gifts to the best possible use. Looking deeply into our own lives we may find that the besetting tragedy of humankind is this lack of will power. Even when we know that something is going to help us we are unable to carry it out because we do not have the necessary tenacity. We are unable to avoid harmful things because our samskaras are such that our inborn tendencies prevent us from desisting.

            To drive home this point let me use some examples. We all know that we should use pleasant, decent language; that we should not get excited even under the utmost provocation. Psychologists advise that we should keep calm at all times. Somebody abuses me and uses bad language to provoke me but I cannot react. In such a situation we should look inward. A refrain common to everybody is "Many times I got angry and later I regretted it. Let me exercise my will power in future." We know that under trying circumstances we should exercise our will power to the maximum capacity. The formula we have to apply at that moment of extreme anger is: calm down first, try to master your senses, do not give 'expression to your anger. In this way an awkward situation may be effectively handled. We know that often we get into trouble because. we forget to be polite and we lose our temper many times, use bad language and suffer.

      We know it is beneficial to lead a moral life. This does not prevent us from committing sinful acts because we cannot help ourselves. For instance, when we go to a temple our mind soars high. We feel elevated. But the moment we do something bad the same mind plunges down. 

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