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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to download files with File Factory

To download required file (from file factory) I.e from
Follow the below given steps to download :

STEP-1 :

After clicking on the download button the link will connect to the file factory server
There you can find the below image on top the page

Click on the above image

STEP-2 :

Then it shows you the below image as shown

Now Click on DOWNLOAD NOW in that site

STEP-3 :

After clicking on DOWNLOAD NOW you will find the below image

Give the code which shown
(If you can’t understand  u can click on Get a new challenge )

STEP-4 :

After that give the code & click on DOWNLOAD NOW which is below the code box


Now u will find the image as below.
You have to wait for few seconds 

STEP-6 :

After completing the time slot click on the below image there in the site

STEP-7 :

Now finally click on the image in the site  

                           The file will download now


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