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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

how to convert .docx to .doc format

Steps to convert .docx to .doc:
  • First click on “file”and then info tab choose “Save As”

  • A pop-up window appears and shows the document name and file on drop-down/Save As type for associated file types.
  • Choose microsoft 97-2003 word document and then saveit. Then it will be automatciall converted from .Docx to.Doc

We can tick the maintain the compatabilty of previous version of word for better comapatabily of the document.we can convert the document into other file types avilable there.we can also the document as pdf file but it needs Addon.we convert the document form doc  to .docx though same way
how to convert .docx to .doc format Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 9:41 PM Rating: 5 Steps to convert .docx to .doc: First click on “file” and then info tab choose “Save As” A pop-up window appears and shows the document ...


  1. Saaspose Word Converter can convert your .docx file to .doc and vice versa and also allows you to create document from scratch.

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