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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Study videos of Analog Communications

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By Prof.Surendra Prasad, Department of Electrical Engineering ,IIT Delhi.


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INTRODUCTION : Introduction to communication system, Need for modulation, Frequency Division
Multiplexing , Amplitude Modulation, Definition, Time domain and frequency domain description, single tone
modulation, power relations in AM waves, Generation of AM waves, square law Modulator, Switching
modulator, Detection of AM Waves; Square law detector, Envelope detector.

DSB MODULATION : Double side band suppressed carrier modulators, time domain and frequency domain
description, Generation of DSBSC Waves, Balanced Modulators, Ring Modulator, Coherent detection of DSBSC
Modulated waves, COSTAS Loop.

SSB MODULATION : Frequency domain description, Frequency discrimination method for generation of AM
SSB Modulated Wave, Time domain description, Phase discrimination method for generating AM SSB
Modulated waves. Demodulation of SSB Waves, Vestigial side band modulation: Frequency description,
Generation of VSB Modulated wave, Time domain description, Envelope detection of a VSB Wave pulse
Carrier, Comparison of AM Techniques, Applications of different AM Systems.

ANGLE MODULATION : Basic concepts, Frequency Modulation: Single tone frequency modulation, Spectrum
Analysis of Sinusoidal FM Wave, Narrow band FM, Wide band FM, Constant Average Power, Transmission
bandwidth of FM Wave - Generation of FM Waves, Direct FM, Detection of FM Waves: Balanced Frequency
discriminator, Zero crossing detector, Phase locked loop, Comparison of FM & AM.

NOISE : Noise in Analog communication System, Noise in DSB& SSB System Noise in AM System, Noise in
Angle Modulation System, Threshold effect in Angle Modulation System, Pre-emphasis & de-emphasis

TRANSMITTERS : Radio Transmitter - Classification of Transmitter, AM Transmitter, Effect of feed back on
performance of AM Transmitter, FM Transmitter – Variable reactance type and phase modulated FM
Transmitter, frequency stability in FM Transmitter.

RECEIVERS : Radio Receiver - Receiver Types - Tuned radio frequency receiver, Superhetrodyne receiver,
RF section and Characteristics - Frequency changing and tracking, Intermediate frequency, AGC, FM
Receiver, Comparison with AM Receiver, Amplitude limiting.

PULSE MODULATION : Time Divison Multiplexing, Types of Pulse modulation, PAM (Single polarity, double
polarity) PWM: Generation & demodulation of PWM, PPM, Generation and demodulation of PPM

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