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Monday, January 2, 2012

how to live broadcasting slideshow

In this post I will explain you how to Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010 .It enables presenters to broadcast  a slide show with anywhere ,anyone, over the Web. We have to send a link (URL) to audience, and then everyone watches a view of our slide show in their web  browser.

                So Powerpoint 2010 no longer handles videos as though it were made in 1999. That’s great, but perhaps you’re just left thinking “well, it’s about time.” If so, don’t worry. They’ve gone one step further and added an awesome feature that’s quite modern; broadcasting. This feature lets you show your Powerpoint to others across the Internet.
To access this new feature click on the Slide Show tab, then click the Broadcast Slide Show option. A window for the PowerPoint Broadcast Service will open. To use it, you need a Windows Live ID –and password .After you entered yr Windows Live ID you will be given a link. Anyone who has the link can view the slideshow.

·        To send the link  fr ur presentation to ur audience, following steps have to fallow
·        To send the url link for your presentation by e-mail, clickon the option Send in Email.
·        To copy the link of persention, click on Copy Link.
·        When ur audience/friends receives the URL for the presentation, click on Start Slide Show to to satr  ur broadcast.
·        The audience wathces your slide show presnetaion  in their web browser while you present with in office 2010.
·        After you finish silde show and ready to end(stop) the broadcast, press ESCape to exit the Slide Show view& then click End Broadcast show.
how to live broadcasting slideshow Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 11:13 PM Rating: 5 In this post I will explain you how to Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010 .It enables presenters to broadcast  a slide show with anywh...


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