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Monday, January 16, 2012

What is Google Googles? How it works?

Text based search is the most popular search available on the Internet these days. Most search engines, excluding a few specialized ones, require text to be able to spider their directories & database for visits on the required topic.

Google Goggles is a new application program for the android OS that allows the individual to execute the search by posting images or pictures. That is an exciting idea in a few circumstances. Say you are a tourist and want to know more about a building that you spotted. Maybe you even know the name of the developing but not in your own terminology.
Other applications include identifying artwork, looking up items like books or wine and scanning contact information on business cards to find out more about the contact.

The Google Googles search engine currently supporting photo-based searching for: books, DVDs, landmarks, logos, contact info, artwork, businesses, products, barcodes, and plain text.

Here’s how it works: When you take a snap, Google breaks it down into object-based signatures. It then compares those signatures against every product it can find in its picture database. Within seconds, it searches and returns the results to you, ordered by the rank. Some results are very fast as it searches and returned before you even snap a photo, too, thanks to seamless integration of GPS and compass functionality.
Right now, Google Goggles does not work well with food, vehicles, vegetation like plants, or animals. But that is going to change. Developers say the app will soon be able to identify  plants by their leaves.
In Google Goggles there are two privacy options:
  •    You can discard all of your images as you go,
  •     You can save them in a searchable history,
for the purpose of improving the service.

Google Goggles is now a lab item and only available on on mobile phones running Android mobile system v1.6 or up. Now Google Goggles is also available on iPhone. But Google is still working on it. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it’s released.

What is Google Googles? How it works? Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 1:32 AM Rating: 5 Text based search is the most popular search available on the Internet these days. Most search engines, excluding a few specialized ones, ...


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