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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strength through Will-Power - Contd - 5

After some time Vivekananda opened his eyes and looked very compassionately at his beloved disciple. He wanted to give his disciple an opportunity to serve him. He asked for a glass of water. The disciple was happy to do this small service for the guru. Then he thought he would get the chance to put his question to Swamiji. Before he could put his thoughts into words Swamiji himself said, "My son, today I had deep meditation." That was Sarat Chakrabarty's question too! He said, "Maharaj. I have conic with that same question. You are my guru and you have given me the maim mantra. In spite of that, however much I try I find that my limitations and shortcomings surface and I fail miserably to meditate. Will this rare human birth go in vain? I have taken refuge in you. You had deep concentration of mind today. Will you please bless me in such a way that I too can have that kind of concentration whenever I sit for meditation? My mind is so wild that it always goes in different directions. Please help me to get some success in meditation. “Swamiji heard him and said, "Well, you are my beloved disciple and I assure you that you will have success. But you are very young and young people are generally impatient. You must wait and you will get everything in the fullness of time."

The disciple was anxious to get an immediate, ready-made solution to his problem. He said that he could not bear to wait for an indefinite period. He wanted to hear the magic words from the lips of his guru that very evening. Swamiji had the maturity of a true teacher and did not get excited. He rose to the occasion and said, "In the course of time even a tiny little creature crawling on the floor will be liberated and you, who are my disciple, won't you also be liberated? Certainly you will have concentration and everything else you want. But my son, you must remember four things." And the four instructions Swamiji gave his disciple were "be possessed of strength, be possessed of faith, attain to knowledge of your own divine self and dedicate yourself for the good of humanity."

This incident is extremely relevant to our problem because the four points Swamiji spoke about to his disciple are also necessary for its to cultivate. Swamiji said, "Have faith in yourself. Be hold, be strong, have this faith that you are the creator of your destiny. All the power and strength you need is within yourself." If we love Swamiji, if we have faith in our great cultural heritage, we must have this tremendous faith.

Strength through Will-Power - Contd - 5 Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 1:03 PM Rating: 5 After some time Vivekananda opened his eyes and looked very compassionately at his beloved disciple. He wanted to give his disciple an opp...