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Thursday, March 1, 2012

what is dropbox and why it is needed?

If u have a multiple system or a laptop, desktop and a smart phone how will u transfer or copy any document you have to copy it to pen drive or mail it so that it can be accessed. With Dropbox sharing large files and folders is easier. If you have a Dropbox the files stored in it can be accessed in all your gadgets like laptops, desktops, smart phones etc. and it can be accessed in private system if you login to your Dropbox account.

Till now with Dropbox you could share the file with dropbox users only or having a sharing option for the public folder in Dropbox for other users.
Now with the new updates in Dropbox the files and folders can be shared with anyone by a single click.

Go to Dropbox context menu and then choose “Get Link”, it will automatically generate a public link for your file and folders.

By using this sharing option you can share all your documents, videos, presentations, photo albums, file and folders etc with any one and they can access it and can download those content to their computers. All these files can also be viewed in online to others by showing the images in slideshow, see documents in read-only mode etc.

Click Here to download  Dropbox

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what is dropbox and why it is needed? Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 8:49 AM Rating: 5 If u have a multiple system or a laptop, desktop and a smart phone how will u transfer or copy any document you have to copy it to pen dr...


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