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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Study videos of Computer Graphics

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By Dr. Sukhendu das, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras


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Introduction, Application areas of Computer Graphics, overview of graphics systems, video-display
devices, raster-scan systems, random scan systems, graphics monitors and work stations and input
(p.nos 22-90 of text book-1).

Output primitives : Points and lines, line drawing algorithms, mid-point circle and ellipse algorithms.Filled
area primitives: Scan line polygon fill algorithm, boundary-fill and flood-fill algorithms (p.nos 103-123,137-
145,147-150,164-171 of text book-1, p.nos. 72-99 of text book-2).

2-D geometrical transforms : Translation, scaling, rotation, reflection and shear transformations, matrix
representations and homogeneous coordinates, composite transforms, transformations between
coordinate systems. (p.nos 204-227 of text book-1).

2-D viewing : The viewing pipeline, viewing coordinate reference frame, window to view-port coordinate
transformation, viewing functions, Cohen-Sutherland and Cyrus-beck line clipping algorithms, Sutherland
–Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm(p.nos 237-249,257-261 of text book -1, p.nos. 111-126 of text

3-D object representation : Polygon surfaces, quadric surfaces, spline representation, Hermite curve,
Bezier curve and B-Spline curves, Bezier and B-Spline surfaces. Basic illumination models, polygon
rendering methods. (p.nos 324-331,340-342, 347-364, 516-531, 542-546 of text book-1, p.nos 473-
529,721-739 of text book-2).

3-D Geometric transformations : Translation, rotation, scaling, reflection and shear transformations,
composite transformations.
3-D viewing : Viewing pipeline, viewing coordinates, view volume and general projection transforms and
clipping (p.nos 427-443, 452-481 of text book -1).

Visible surface detection methods : Classification, back-face detection, depth-buffer, scan-line, depth
sorting, BSP-tree methods, area sub-division and octree methods(p.nos 489-505 of text book -1, Chapter
15 of of text book-2).

Computer animation : Design of animation sequence, general computer animation functions, raster
animation, computer animation languages, key frame systems, motion specifications. ( p.nos 604-616 of
text book -1, chapter 21 of text book-2).

1. “Computer Graphics C version”, Donald Hearn and M.Pauline Baker, Pearson Education.
2. “Computer Graphics Principles & practice”, second edition in C, Foley, VanDam, Feiner and Hughes,
Pearson Education.

1. “Computer Graphics”, second Edition, Donald Hearn and M.Pauline Baker, PHI/Pearson Education.
2. “Computer Graphics Second edition”, Zhigand xiang, Roy Plastock, Schaum’s outlines, Tata Mc- Graw
hill edition.
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4. “Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics”, Neuman and Sproul, TMH.
5. Principles of Computer Graphics, Shalini Govil, Pai, 2005, Springer.
6. Computer Graphics, Steven Harrington, TMH

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