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Monday, March 7, 2011

Study videos of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery

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By Prof.T.I.Eldho, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay.


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Fluid statics: Dimensions and units: physical properties of fluids- specific gravity, viscosity surface
tension- vapor pressure and their influence on fluid motion- atmospheric gauge and vacuum pressure –
measurement of pressure- Piezometer, U-tube and differential manometers.

Fluid kinematics: stream line, path line and streak lines and stream tube, classification of flows-steady &
unsteady, uniform, non uniform, laminar, turbulent, rotational, and irrotational flows-equation of continuity
for one dimensional flow.
Fluid dynamics: surface and body forces –Euler’s and Bernoulli’s equations for flow along a stream line,
momentum equation and its application on force on pipe bend.

Closed conduit flow: Reynold’s experiment- Darcy Weisbach equation- Minor losses in pipes- pipes in
series and pipes in parallel- total energy line-hydraulic gradient line.
Measurement of flow: pilot tube, venturimeter, and orifice meter, Flow nozzle, Turbine flow meter (Ref.4)

Basics of turbo machinery: hydrodynamic force of jets on stationary and moving flat, inclined, and
curved vanes, jet striking centrally and at tip, velocity diagrams, work don and efficiency, flow over radial

Hydroelectric power stations: Elements of hydro electric power station-types-concept of pumped
storage plants-storage requirements, mass curve (explanation only) estimation of power developed from a
given catchment area; heads and efficiencies.

Hydraulic Turbines: classification of turbines, impulse and reaction turbines, Pelton wheel, Francis
turbine and Kaplan turbine-working proportions, work done, efficiencies , hydraulic design –draft tubetheory-
functions and efficiency.

Performance of hydraulic turbines: Geometric similarity, Unit and specific quantities, characteristic
curves, governing of turbines, selection of type of turbine, cavitation, surge tank, water hammer.

Centrifugal pumps: classification, working, work done – manomertic head- losses and efficienciesspecific
speed- pumps in series and parallel-performance characteristic curves, NPSH.
Reciprocating pumps: Working, Discharge, slip, indicator diagrams

1. Hydraulics, fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machinery MODI and SETH.
2. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines by Rajput.

1. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Engineering by D.S. Kumar, Kotaria & Sons.
2. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by D. Rama Durgaiah, New Age International.
3. Hydraulic Machines by Banga & Sharma, Khanna Publishers.
4. Instrumentation for Engineering Measurements by James W. Dally, William E. Riley ,John Wiley
& Sons Inc. 2004 (Chapter 12 – Fluid Flow Measurements)
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