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Monday, February 27, 2012

Airtel Money - Now just pay with your Mobile

Airtel Money

Now just pay with your Mobile...

!India’s first cellular pockets services by a telecommunications operator- airtel income now released in the century city of Gurgaon
Now, airtel cellular clients can use the power of the everywhere cellular foundation to make bills the easier way – at every time, relaxing anywhere!
airtel income gives cellular clients in Indian have another purpose to become a member of the nation's greatest system – airtel

 Have you ever desired to buy seats for the evening film show without checking out the theater, pay your utility expenses without holding out in a long line, buy yourself a coffee without the need to take out change – or thought you could amazingly pay for goods after losing your pockets at home? Your delay is lastly over. Bharti airtel today declared the release of airtel income – India’s first cellular pockets services by a telecommunications owner. Targeted at providing clients with an powerful alternative to cash dealings, airtel income will provide a lot of airtel clients across the nation with a practical and safe way of paying through the everywhere cellular foundation. Now available in Gurgaon, the services will soon be released across several other key places in Indian in a phased manner – thereby introducing another gripping purpose for cellular clients in Indian to become a member of the nation's greatest system – airtel.

How to get airtel money??:

Step 1:

  •     return your established SIM for a new 64K airtel income permitted SIM
  •     Go to the closest airtel income store and complete up a SIM modify demand style, post a     photocopy of your proof-of-identity and proof-of-address records.
  •     Initial of the new SIM may take up to 4 working hours. Your established SIM operate until the new one is triggered. Please place your new SIM once the established SIM is deactivated. You will be given an SMS notify when that happens.

Step 2:

  •     sign-up for airtel income service
  •     Complete the airtel income software and post it to the store along with a photography and a photocopy of your proof-of-identity and proof-of-address records.

Step 3:

  •     fill income into your airtel income account

Mobile payment:

You can go to the airtel Capital software on your SIM card and decide on the biller/ business solutions for which you want to create the transaction. Suppliers can also begin the bills for items provided by them. You will be given a transaction demand on your cell cellphone which you need to approve by coming into your mPIN. You will be given a SMS bill after the transaction achievement. In situation of actual business bills, merchants will also be given SMS bill on their airtel cell cellphone.

Characteristics of the Airtel income scheme:

  •     It uses a Cash transport program.
  •     To pay all you need is Airtel Capital amount of the store you need to pay.
  •     You get a purchase id for each transaction.
  •     The bills are on a properly secured system and it needs a code known as as mpin which you get into for every trqansaction.
  •     So even if you drop your cell cellphone your income is secure as nobody knows your mpin, so create sure you never talk about it with anybody else.

Minimum Key elements to use Airtel Capital :

  •     You need to sign-up with legitimate records i.e. Picture, Deal with Confirmation with Picture ID.
  •     Least charge is of RS 100.
  •     You can have zero stability.
  •     A highest possible stability of Rs 5000.

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  1. Airtel allowing mobile phone payments - now that is innovative....

  2. I am a dissappointed Airtel money customer. 2 Days ago I received 2 sms from airtel money that my account was debited with Rs.400 & Rs. 295. But I hadn’t made any transaction. Those were fraud transactions.I made call to customer care but they refused about that. Details of transaction are given below :-
    S.No. Transaction ID Date of transaction Time of transaction Description of transaction Amount of transaction (Rs.) Debit/ Credit
    1 4091676 26/04/2012 10:34 AM AIR_PREPAID_MOB|UW:Utility Payment 40.0 DR
    2 4091421 26/04/2012 10:33 AM AIR_PREPAID_MOB|UW:Utility Payment 100.0 DR
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.


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