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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning videos Of VLSI Design - 3

VLSI Design:

Complete Lecture Series on VLSI Design by Dr.Nandita Dasgupta, 
Electrical Engineering Department , 
IIT Madras.

Lectures From 11 - 15

Lecture - 11 Oxidation I - Kinetics of Oxidation

Lecture - 12 Oxidation II Oxidation rate constants

Lecture - 13 Oxidation III - Dopant Redistribution

Lecture - 14 Oxidation IV - Oxide Charges

Lecture - 15 Diffusion I - Theory of Diffusion

Learning videos Of VLSI Design - 3 Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 12:11 AM Rating: 5 VLSI Design: Complete Lecture Series on VLSI Design by Dr.Nandita Dasgupta,  Electrical Engineering Department ,  IIT Madras. ...


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