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Monday, February 20, 2012

Android step ahead of the iPhone

"Android is ahead of the iPhone now," Schmidt reported to an visitors of techies and driven business owners at the LeWeb convention here.

He made his report to a room unfolding at the appears with iPhones, iPads, and Apples, and the visitors met his words with a moment of stop that recommended some doubt. So Schmidt elaborated on how he was measuring: "unit amount, Ice Treatment Meal, the price is lower, there are more companies."

Android is indeed a good results that you can buy. But one big listlessness compared with iOS was very visible at the conference: becoming the top priority for developers. Note-taking specialist Evernote today reported a new app called Hello for monitoring people--for iPhone only so far. And when news reader Flipboard reported its growth from the iPad to the iPhone, Primary Management Robert McCue declined to even say whether the organization was functioning on an Os cell cellphone edition.
"We've been focused on iPhone," McCue said. And about Os cell cellphone, he said only, "We'll see."
Schmidt believes the high variety of Os cell cellphone phone deliveries will win out, though, with the release of Ice Treatment Meal, aka Os cell cellphone 4.0.
"Ultimately, application companies are driven by amount, and amount is popular by the open approach The search engines is getting. There are so many companies wanting to produce Os cell cellphone cellular phones around the globe," Schmidt said. "Whether you like Os cell cellphone or not, you will support that foundation, and maybe you'll even produce it first."
One Android-toting visitors member said he was disappointed to see iOS applications defeating Os cell cellphone editions to promote. But in piece because of Ice Treatment Meal, "my idea is that six months from now you'll say the opposite," Schmidt said.

About 200 million Os cell cellphone cellular phones have gone into use so far, with 550,000 new ones being triggered daily, Schmidt said.
Eric Schmidt checks his New samsung Whole world Nexus cellphone while on stage at the LeWeb convention in London.
(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)
One of the persistent Os cell cellphone criticisms is the concept that it's an iOS knockoff--an concept that incensed late Apple CEO Bob Work. Schmidt wouldn't thoughts on whether Os cell cellphone ripped iOS characteristics, but he did offer his stock avoid about the issue: "Android was established before the iPhone was."
Success in Os cell cellphone is central to Google plans. Although it gives the operating system away for free, it works as a procedure for the organization to get its solutions into individuals hands in the hot mobile-technology region. Those solutions include not just search, but also Googlemail, The search engines Software, Google+ The search engines Music, and The search engines Charts.

"All the interesting new applications are going to be some combination of public, cellular, and regional," Schmidt said. And it's not a fad, he said: "Social, regional, cellular has been true for people for at least 10,000 years, so I don't think it's going to go away any time soon."
Ice Treatment Meal will help The search engines, in piece because it's got greatly bundled characteristics for giving many solutions.
"We began off thinking cellular phones were computers. We neglected that they were about interaction," Schmidt said.
Ice Treatment Meal has just began shipping on Samsung's Whole world Nexus cellphone, which is not yet available in the United States and many other parts of the world.
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