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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Living is Fun - Page - 4

These support Dr. Wicks's idea about the positive attitude of acceptance and reconciliation as the first step in getting rid of tension. On first hearing the term one wonders what it means. Before we look for an explanation let me draw your attention to a similar expression in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. In it the Master advises us to drift like a leaf, carried by the wind and this implies that we should adopt an attitude of surrender.

Dr. Wicks explains that when we go to a beach and want to dive into the sea it is useless to stand on the shore in a rigid and tense posture. Then the waves which are very high may overwhelm us. What we should do is to face the coming waves boldly in order to become an efficient surf-rider. It needs strength and courage to face the onslaught of the waves and dive in. Once we are in we should allow the body to be moved by the waves which will carry us back to the shore. All this can be achieved only if we have the right amount of self-effort, or. purushakar.

We can again quote an example given by Sri Ramakrishna. He would often say that divine grace is like the wind. "The wind of God's grace is ever blowing but we have to hoist and unfurl the sail and the rest will be done by the wind itself" In other words, we need to cultivate an attitude of implicit faith and surrender, letting go in a spirit of detachment.

"Floating" here does not connote a kind of lazy or lethargic apathy. It is more of a positive attitude of mind. An example may help to clarify this point: suppose a person has to appear for an interview he can prepare in advance and acquit himself creditably. But if he has a rigid mind, prejudiced from before he will fare miserably.

        That is why "floating" has been suggested as one of the methods for overcoming tension. But then there is the problem of applying it to non-believers because we have used words such as faith and surrender in explaining the term "floating." There are many people in this world who do not believe in God. Here we have to recall the definition of an atheist is a person who has no faith in himself. Swamiji said that the older definition of an atheist as a person who does not believe in God has to be contemporised in this way. It stands to reason that no achievement or success is possible for a person who has no faith in himself. Self-confidence helps us to tap our latent potential and therefore Dr. Wicks's description of "floating" can be applied to all people irrespective of the fact of their belief or otherwise in the existence of God. 

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