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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strength through Will-Power - Contd - 2

Suppose we watch a video film on the life of Lord Gauranga and witness him lying in samadhi, we are inspired to strive for similar bliss. But when we watch a bad film on the same video, we are doing something we should not. We are aware of our mistake but are unable to stop ourselves. We have no control over ourselves because we lack will power.

In brief, we must have control over our speech, we must desist from sinful acts and strive to do good. But we fail in all these and come to grief. Knowingly and unknowingly we step into this trap of wrong doing. All this is because we are constitutionally weak and sin is the easier way out.

 This of course is a negative doctrine. Swami Vivekananda, a true Vedantist, said during one of his lectures in the USA, "Who says we are sinners? It is a sin to call a man a sinner. We are the children of immortal bliss." What he meant was that we are prone to evil not because there is something wrong with us; we are intrinsically pure, divine, a spirit eternally free, according to Swami Vivekananda. We are led to do wrong because we lack will power. Therefore the important point is to strive to cultivate will power without which we will never be able to recover hope.
  In effect, we all want to lead a meaningful, purposeful life in this world, to become successful. But we find that in spite of our efforts we fail. The ultimate analysis is that though we have no inherent defect we lack the fundamental virtue of iccha shakti. Often I am asked how a person can develop will power. Let me discuss that point now.

Before we discuss the process which leads to the development of will power let us understand what will power is. Will power is that which helps a person to do what he or she knows is good or right and avoid those things which our inner voice tells us is wrong and should not be done under any circumstance. Will power is something positive and creative which enables us to follow the right path in a definite way. For instance, we would like to get up early in the morning, or not watch a film on video/TV, etc. We decide to remain calm under any provocation. If we develop will power we shall succeed in all this; otherwise we shall fail. Thus we can say that willpower is that force which enables us to get rid of all bad forces and helps us to put into practice what we propose to do. 
Strength through Will-Power - Contd - 2 Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 11:03 AM Rating: 5 Suppose we watch a video film on the life of Lord Gauranga and witness him lying in samadhi, we are inspired to strive for similar bliss. ...


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