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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Living is Fun - Page - 5

Another point which is crucial to our understanding of this attitude called "floating" is our awareness that people have two types of responses to a particular situation: positive and negative. Some people are prone to consider the darker aspects of life as all-important and fail to see that life has its brighter aspect too. We need not deny that life is full of dangers, trials and tribulations. But that is not all. Those who are positive in their approach to life do not spend all their time in dwelling on problems.

Many of us have seen that well-known picture which depicts two half-filled buckets of water. Near each is a person, one with a gloomy expression and the other with a bright countenance. The former says, "What use is a half-filled bucket to me?" while the latter says, "Thank God for this half-filled bucket." The former is a pessimist while the latter an optimist. A pessimist feels dejected, morose and unwanted. He is never able to overcome mental tension while an optimist has the strength to handle any type of challenging situation.

Then we have the third point mentioned by Dr. Wicks which refers to "time." Time is a great factor which determines our life. It teaches us to have patience and perseverence. We struggle in the framework of time and also achieve success by overcoming our problems in time. Our mistakes and failures lead us to success. We must remember the words of Swami Vivekananda in this context. He said, "Never mind failures. They are quite natural. They are the beauty of life."

In this connection we can take an example given by Dr. Wicks. A young woman had to struggle hard in early life. She finally got a job and was engaged to be married. Unfortunately her father fell ill at the same time. One day when she was alone at home, a man broke into the house and attacked her. It took her many years to overcome the after-effects of this shattering experience. Finally, she consulted Dr. Wicks who advised her to cultivate the attitude of "floating." Ultimately this helped the young woman to get out of her difficulties. 

Living is Fun - Page - 5 Reviewed by creativeworld9 on 10:52 AM Rating: 5 Another point which is crucial to our understanding of this attitude called "floating" is our awareness that people have two typ...