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Friday, August 19, 2011

Living is Fun - Page - 6

Dr. Wicks's formulation is based on her long experience and similar thought patterns exist in many religious books and also verdicts of saints from different parts of the world. Dr. Wicks puts forward this three-point formula to help train the mind so that it is in tune with one's inner self. She believes that the patient's inner voice is his/her salvation.

My own personal experience confirms the efficacy of this advice. In 1954 when I had just joined the Order, I went up to Swami Vishuddhanandaji, the then President of the Order and showed him a self-analysis chart to check how many of the twenty-six virtues mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita I had been able to practise. I wanted to do this as an effort towards self-improvement. Maharaj listened to my explanation and looked through the chart patiently. Then he said, "Good. But my son, it will be sufficient if you practise only one virtue." I wondered why Maharaj was telling me to practise only one when Sri Krishna had told Arjuna to follow all the twenty-six. Fortunately, I asked him to explain more fully and listened to his words with great attention. He said, "The voice of your conscience is the voice of God. It is enough if you follow this inner voice." Then he narrated a story about a child who had accompanied his mother while Maharaj was giving diksha on one occasion. When Maharaj asked the child, "When you do something wrong, does your mind tell you anything?" The child said at once, "Yes, Maharaj, when I do worng, my mind tells me it is wrong."

Maharaj wanted me to learn to be like the child - always open to the voice of conscience which tells us everything. Our basic divine heritage—that we are satchidananda swarupa—is often forgotten by us. But if we keep this in mind amid our busy schedule we can periodically retire into the inner sanctuary of our heart and hold silent communion with our real self This will bring about our spiritual unfoldment. The inner conscience prompts us to do what is right and avoid what is wrong. We have to rise above the mind-body complex; then we shall be able to handle our tensions and lead a balanced life.
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